Hella Gutmann Light Vehicle

Hella Gutmann – The technology leaders                                                                                                  
HGS Data is brought to you through ourhgs-data-4-500x395 partnership with Gutmann Messtechnik, the world leaders in automotive diagnostics for more than three decades. With an outstanding reputation for accuracy and ease-of-use, Hella Gutmann diagnostic devices are the only ones trusted by the German ADAC – Europe’s largest automobile club, with over 17 million members.
HGS Data offers a single, complete source of technical information for over 35,000 vehicles, available 24/7 through any PC and internet connection. You can access all the data you require for virtually any service or repair job, all at the touch of a button, including technical specifications, maintenance plans, engine control, ABS, airbags, thermal management, updated repair aids and wiring diagrams.
The easy-to-operate system is a perfect partner to the Hella Gutmann diagnostic devices, providing a ‘whole job’ solution that enables you to move seamlessly from fault diagnosis all the way through to accessing Hella and TecDoc parts catalogues. With one single licence, and regular data updates as part of the package, everything you need is in one place, all at a competitive fixed cost and with no hidden extras.

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