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TEXA_LogoTexa’s award winning commercial diagnostic equipment with an unrivalled vehicle manufacturer and   system coverage these include: Truck, Trailer, Bus & Coach, Mobile Cranes, Industrial Plant machinery, Agricultural and Construction software the all new Construction applications.

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Delphi’s DS heavy duty software allows users to perform dealer level diagnostics on trucks, buses, LCVs and trailers. A highly efficient diagnostic tool, it includes functionalities such as intelligent system identification (ISI), intelligent system scan (ISS) and intelligent system updates (ISU), as well as features like setting of parameters, configurations, adjustments and calibrations, for quick and accurate diagnostics. Just as importantly it supports an extensive database with 47 heavy duty manufacturers on more than 57,000 vehicle systems.

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The KTS Truck has an integrated Bluetooth connection with 100m range allowing more mobility in the workshop. Information can then be viewed onto a Tablet or laptop PC  or PC for convenience. Once connected, a simple diagnosis can be carried out using ESI[tronic] 2.0. The graphic user interface (GUI) then helps to quickly troubleshoot problems based on make, model and engine configuration.

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